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2019 Events


3/11 Update

3.11.Memorial Event held

Thank you very much for those who participated and those who sent prayer on their own!


About 33 people gathered to La Jolla Shores beach.

We all turned toward the ocean and held moment of silence with LED candle light on their hands.

This year's Kanji Letter was "Wa", taken from the Kanji PEACE.

Everyone participated to put together the big illuminated "Wa" on the beach.


In addition to SDJEN members, there were

*UCSD students in study abroad program coming from Sendai (affected area),

*First time participant from Sanriku (affected area),

*Participant who experienced the earthquake in Tokyo,

*First time to participate with the family,

*Participant and long-time volunteer on 3.11 diaster relief, periodically visiting Tohoku far from Chiba,

*Frequent repeaters of this event,

*High school students who tried to come using Uber from far areas, etc.

Everyone sent out her/his own prayer to Tohoku.


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3/10 Update

Movie Flyer now available!

US Premier Screening of

"The Most Beautiful Village In The World"

April 28, 2019

Please click here for details.


3/7 Update

Movie "The Most Beautiful Village In The World" will be coming on April 28!

English flyer coming soon.

Save the date!


2/28 Update


1. Movie Showing Event: "The Most Beautiful Village in the World" coming soon.


Have you heard about the amazing documentary film that was shown in more than 40 theaters in Japan?

The movie is coming to San Diego! 

We are discussing the details.

Please come see the little girl called Punam.


2. 8th Annual Memorial Event to be held on March 10.

It has been 8 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake hit Japan on March 11, 2011. 

Please join us to pray for the victims and their families and with for the bright future.

We will meet on March 10, which is March 11 in Japan.

We then wait for the time when the disaster happend and will have a moment of silence ceremony with LED candle lights.

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2018 Events

10/29 Update


Relief Effort Options to Hokkaido Earthquake

Hokkaido suffered from large earthquake back in September.
Continued recovery efforts have been seen.
One of the good news is the stable power supply should be available to survive the severe winter season.
However, they still need more and more support considering the damage worth of 200 million yen.
Here are some examples of how you can support:
1. Donation
You can donate if you have a bank account in Japan.  For more information, please visit Hokkaido Prefecture homepage at 
Or you can donate through Nanka Dosanko-Kai.
Please click here for more information or contact them directly at
2. Travel to Hokkaido
Instead of donating money, you can actually visit Hokkaido.  That is also one of the ways to support the recovery efforts.
Hokkaido is one of the popular travel destinations.  So their travel industry has severly hurt as well.
It is estimated 29.2 million yen in damage.
Not all areas have been affected by the earthquake, but they lost the travelers due to harmful rumors.
Here are some of the links to promote Hokkaido trip.
SDJEN prays for those suffered and wishes for the quick recovery.

8/16 Update

SDJEN sends donations to help West Japan Rain Disaster:

Last month, heavy rain resulted in massive flooding in wide area  of western Japan, causing damages in billions of yens.

SDJEN donated 100,000 yen ($899.68) through Yahoo Japan's disaster fund site on Aug 2.
This donation became true with our member's message:
"Can we help by sending donations?"
Then other members responded with strong YES.
Before the rain, Osaka was affected by large earthquake 
and that increased people's fear of more damage by the heavy rain afterwords.
We hope people in Japan can find peace in mind as soon as possible.


3/12 Update

Due to rain, the event was cancelled to the public, but several SDJEN members gathered at the beach to send the prayer together. 

We selected Kanji letter "Friend" and drawed to the sand and prayed at 9:46pm.

The rain stopped during the prayer was sent.


3/10 Update

Due to rain, today's memorial event has been cancelled.

Please send prayer at 9:46pm, which is the time the disaster happened 7 years ago (3/11 at 2:46pm Japan time).


3/8 Update

We may anticipate possible rain on 3/10.

The event will be happening as of now, but if it rains, we will cancel the event at that time.

It is uncertain if it will be raining during the event time, so please kindly monitor the weather condition.

Thank you for your understanding.

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3/6 Update

We will have the 7th annual memorial event of Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011.

Please check here.

2012 Events

March 11th, 2011 Memorial Event
Remembering 3-11 the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami By San Diego Japanese Emergency Network (SDJEN)

March 10th(Sat) Location: Moonlight beach in Encinitas

Directions: The beach is located west of I-5 on Encinitas Boulevard in Encinitas. (Google Map)

from 6:00 pm–10 pm We start gathering with BBQ and potluck with bone fire *Prayers will be around 9:46 pm.

SDJEN will provide hot coffee, water, and fire woods to make warm and some soup such as Tonjiru.

*Please bring a battery powered candle or a glow stick, warm clothes, chair and the food to share if you like. (Real candles are not allowed at the beach) We hope to see you on March 10th!

SDJEN Contact: (760) 500-0290



REMEMBERING 3.11 Charity Concert for Hope

Feburary 4th(Sat)
On-site events start at 3pm
Concert starts at 5pm

Escondido Charter High School American Sprit Theatre
1868 East Valley Parkway, Escondido, CA 92027

Admission Fee
adults: $10
10-18 yrs: $5
0-9 yrs: free

more info:

Click here to open the flyer.

 2011 EVENTS 


SDJEN donated LED Christmas lights to Kamaishi Illumination Projects by Ishiya-Nation



SDJEN donated a Christmas tree to Kamaishi City Library through the Green Cravan



Mrs. Sachiko Kasai, a SDJEN member, visited 2011 Earthquake & Tsunami disaster area in Tohoku.



Host Charity Concert @ Green Music All proceedings were donated to Asunaro Home to help disabled victims of 2011 Earthquake & Tsunami in Iwate, Japan $1275.00



サンディエゴで結成されたSan Diego Japanese Emergency Network主催によるガレージセール。




Documentary screening “Nijyuhibaku (Double Atomic Bomb Survivor)” @ PI:K Study School


07/12/2011 Craft sale at Salon Europa by Sayuri Arnold and Naomi Sabin $750.00 06/11/2011 Co-hosted “Never Give Up! IWATE” charity concert @ Rolando United Methodist Church $3,500.00



Movie screening “107+1 Make the Heaven PART2. ~ Miracles happen & synchronized~” @ PI:K Study School


05/15/2011 Japan Fundraise at Scripps Ranch


05/14/2011 Food packaging for Japan earthquake & tsunami victims @ FFCC


05/12/2011 Japan Relief Benefit 05/07/2011 Craft sale and donation booth @ Night on Adams $320.25


05/07/2011 Japan Earthquake Relief Garage Sale @ Kyocera $15,962.42 ($975.55)


05/01/2011 Craft sale and donation booth @ Asian Cultural Festival $483.97


04/30/2011 Through the Darkness, We will Rise Japan Relief Charity Event $12,689.20


04/29/2011 Ai (Love) for Japan @ Hage Elementary School $12,009.45 04/16/2011 Music for Japan @ SONY $30,000.00


04/10/2011 Started “Thank you USA! “ Sailing @ San Diego Bay


04/10/2011 Charity Bazaar @BB CLUB, PI:K Study School, & ACCEL MOTORS


04/10/2011 Started Recycle for Japan program $108.13 04/01/2011 3 min Massage Help Japan!


03/31/2011 UCSD Matsuri Festival, Orizuru Event


03/29-31/2011 Canyon View Elementary School Charity Event


03/28/2011 Anime Conji, Japan Charity Booth $647.10


03/26/2011 Japan in Suitcase Event 03/18/2011 More than 100 people participated in the 1st SDJEN meeting


03/15/2011 Founder Kohei Owatari proposed establishment of SDJEN